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Peace and Quiet

A huge round of applause for my sister-in-law who took my two lovely (read noisy and bored) children away for roller skating and a sleep-over the same day their father had to leave for a business trip providing me with 24 hours of peace and quiet. It is true that this peace and quiet was preceded by my two, plus her three, destroying our house and speaking in volumes loud enough to hear each other across three rows in a rockin' stadium show when they were only three feet apart. None the less, I am thankful from my typing finger tips to my x-country skiing toes.

I managed to remove, dust, and vacuum their detritus, roast a pan of lovely root veggies for my lunch, catch up on my emails, waste a little time on livejournal, (this blog) twitter, and facebook while still enjoying the fictive dream and getting down quite a few concrete words today. Next stop, the library, to pick up books for my grad lecture, then off to dinner with the women of the Midcoast Triathlon Club. Finally, a private viewing of Sherlock Holmes with Fiddle Faddle in hand. What could be better than Robert Downey, Jr. and toffee covered popcorn?

Maybe a hot bath.

PS: A shout out to the UPS man who in all his glorious brown-ness delivered Kimberly Marcus's, new novel in verse Exposed on the perfect day!
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