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anna, book


Creative Chaos II

The occasional postings of a writer, illustrator, and mom.

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Five on Friday
anna, book
1.This morning I braved our first frost and went on a bike ride. I came back with numb toes and fingers, but it was just beautiful. Perhaps it's time to move my bike riding inside. I'm amazed by the people who commute by bike all winter long.
2. My kids have a four day weekend. Today is a teacher furlough day, and while I'm happy to have my children home, I'm unhappy that our teachers are loosing pay.
3. With kiddos around there will be cleaning. Beware all you piles of dog fur in the corners! Stand back pile of laundry! We will defeat you.
4. I had a few wonderful writing days this week with high word counts, and dramatic scenes. I can really feel the forward movement of the manuscript (profluence, thank you Sarah Aronson). Very exciting to be climbing out of the muddy middle.
5. Monday, October 10th is my 18th Wedding Anniversary.

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1. oh burrrrr! I do not miss the humidity, but the mornings are brisk!
2. : ( sorry about the furlough
3. we have some attacking of dust bunnies to do here too!
4. YaY for writing and good friends!
5. Happy Anniversary! xo

Happy anniversary!!! How are you???

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