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Five on Friday

1. Friday is supposed to be my writing day and I've failed miserably. After many self-admonishments to keep Friday's sacred for writing I spent most of the day editing the newsletter for my paying job. I know, relax, right? Money is a necessary evil and I had all of Wednesday to write because of the snow day and I've been keeping up with my early morning writing sessions. In fact, I'm at a point where I should just print what I have and revise through the weekend. My deadline is Tuesday and I want it to be good. So I should just chill.
2. Snow. A lot of it. It's beautiful and a heck of a lot better then the mud that's sure to follow. Enough said.
3. The NESCBWI conference registration opens on the 15th of February. Go to the website and check out information about schedule and special offerings. This is New England's 25th anniversary conference so there's tons going on. Get your manuscripts ready for Quick Queries, and Critiques.
4. I'm excited that I have some books lined up to review for the spring. March is Women's History Month and I'll be reviewing Women of the Golden State written by Linda Crotta Brennan and others. Later in the spring, J.L. Powers will be joining me in the Chaos for an interview regarding her book This Thing Called the Future which is due out May 1. I have a couple of others up my sleeve if I can get to them.
5. My boys are amazing, smart, and talented and that's just my unbiased opinion. I'm taking them to Blue Man Group on Sunday to celebrate report cards, swimming races, and performances. I am so very lucky to be their Mom.
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